Bhava (in Sanskrit)
mindful intent. 

Remember the joy of realising you had a great idea for a business? The excitement of first telling
your family and friends about your business? The energy of those initial ideas?⁠

When I think about creating a holistic operations and marketing strategy, I feel the same spark
you have for your business.⁠

That’s bhava.

The consultancy steps
Business Strategy
When was the last time you conducted a SWOT analysis? 
Does your team know and value your what is the company's
Mission statement? 
If you don’t have a team, do you have a clear vision for the future? 
Do your customers easily understand what your
unique selling proposition is? 
Let me look for gaps and propose ways to fill them, to ensure that your business is headed in the right direction. If it’s been a while since you thought have the time to think about these things, let me use my knowledge of traditional marketing to bring out what you do best.
Operations Overview
Reclaim your time. 
If you spend most of your day repeating manual tasks, it might be time to automate your processes. 
Count on me to look over how things work,
and make those processes better.
  I can research systems and tools that fit your business, plan and execute simple automations and assist with other operational gaps that are taking your time away
from running your business. 
That way,  you can focus on what matters,
your team and your clients.
Marketing and Communications
It's time to tell people about your business! 
I will get to know your desired audience and help you understand them better. I’ll create a marketing strategy to help you improve your relationship with current clients
on the best channels for them.

You’ve got a good idea, and a good idea MUST be shared!
I can look after your Social Media channels, email marketing campaigns and SEM/SEO strategies.
Bhava in Company
Now you can pick up my brain for a whole day!
Whether you need someone to catch up on your social media posts scheduling, or just a fresh pair of eyes on your marketing plan, I can be your marketing manager for one day or give you a hand sorting things out.
Simply reach out and let me know how I can help.
Get started
If you liked what you see, get in touch!
We will have a first face to face virtual meeting where I will explore many aspects of your business
and identify where I can be useful to transform your business. 
Based on our conversation and actions, I will build a detailed quote for your project and hit the ground running as soon as you give me the green light!

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