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Practical marketing and holistic operations advice to help business owners reclaim their time.
Sometimes, we get so caught up in trying to do all of the things in our business that
we lose the energy and optimism. 
When you’re feeling flat out, overwhelmed and like you’re running behind, Bhava Marketing brings
the energy you need to evolve as a business.
I can take the marketing work off your plate and take a good look at your business to find operational gaps or other barriers to efficiencies. 
Bhava Marketing offers full consultancy covering,
- Operations
- Marketing strategy
- Communications planning
- Marketing implementation or coordination
Behind Bhava
Hi, I’m Natalie, and Bhava is my "secret weapon" when consulting.
I learnt how to work in big corporates. I learnt that you need to have your business all working toward your big goals, in unison, if you ever want to evolve. 
You need to create stability to grow and change. You need bhava.
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